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Title Name Country Lecture Title
Prof Adham A. Azim U.S.A Decision making in Failed Endodontic treatments
Prof Matthias Zehnder Switzerland Diagnostics in the context of vital pulp treatment
Prof Matthias Zehnder Switzerland Chemical Root Canal Treatment
Prof. Nessrin Taha Jordan Clinical criteria for the selection of vital pulp therapy procedures
Prof. Talal Nahlawi Syria How to bypass a broken file predictably
Prof. Saad Al Nazhan Saudia Arabia A moment of appreciation for old endodontic practice
Prof. Ashraf Rifaei Egypt Intentional Replantation: Revisited
Prof. Edmond Koyess Lebanon Bioceramics in endodontics a break through or another adventure
Prof. Khalid Merdad Saudia Arabia
Dr. Byron Tsivos U.K Guidance in endodontics. The future is now
Dr. Raed Kasem U.S.A Practical pathways to treatment of external root resorption
Dr. Mohamed Salah Egypt Learn Safe , Fast &Predictable Broken File Retrieval in 60 mins
Dr. Amre Atmeh U.A.E Hydraulic Calcium Silicate Materials in Endodontics
Prof. Shehabeldin Saber Egypt Key Steps to Develop a Deep Learning Model for Endodontic Applications: From Zero to Hero
Dr. Mohamed Nabulsi Qatar Restoring Harmony – Biomimetic Solutions with Ceramic Overlays for Structural Compromised Teeth
Prof. Joseph Sabbagh Lebanon Contemporary approach in restoring endodontically treated teeth
Prof. Hussain Al-Huwaizi Iraq Agitation of root canal irriagtion magnetically
Prof. Said Dhaimy Morocco How to achieve it ?
Prof. Elhadi Awooda Sudan Management and Socio-Psychological impact of Dento-alveolar Trauma
Dr. Abdulrahman Fadag Yemen Anatomical Variation in Root Canals: Identification and Management
Prof. Roger Rebeiz Lebanon Overcoming Anatomical and Pathophysiological Root Canal Obstacles in Endodontic Procedures Part 1
Prof. Rola El Hachem Lebanon Overcoming Anatomical and Pathophysiological Root Canal Obstacles in Endodontic Procedures Part 2
Dr. Abdulwadood Abdulqader Ali Iraq Decision-Making in Challenging Endodontic Cases
Dr. Adil Hamed Alani United Arab Emirates Endodontic Therapy: Perception Versus Reality
Prof. Mahmoud Nasani Syria Effect of Endodontic Procedures on success and longevity of fiber posts adhesion to root canal dentin
Dr. Maya Feghali France Decision making in Modern Endodontics : From diagnosis to obturation
Dr. Talaat Abo Hatab Syria Endodontic Revascularization in Daily Practice: Still successful
Dr. Nayef Younes Jordan Navigating Endodontics with CBCT: enhancing Diagnostic and Therapeutic Precision
Dr. Dawood Ayyad Palestine Does Ca(OH)2 still the gold dressing in Endodontics
Dr. Muhannad Takruri Jordan Bypass to Retrieve The Predictable Approach for Separated Instrument Retrieval
Dr. Khaled Alali Syria Root canal Retreatment: The difficult way to the Apex
Dr. Salam Abu Arqub Jordan Pre-endo build up,why?
Dr. Wahiba Lagmou Morocco Bioceramic Sealers: What’s New?
Dr. Khadija Sikkou Morocco Use of amniotic mambrane in regererative endodontics: a litterature review
Dr. Heba Alzer Jordan dental plup regenration in dentistry
Dr. Khawlah Albashaireh Jordan Interkindgom Crosstalk: E. faecalis-Induced transcriptomic alterations in C. albicans drive virulence and resistance to novel therapeutics in endodontic biofilms.
Dr. Nirvana Mansour Egypt 1. A Novel Concept for Root Canal Disinfection ‘Continuous Chelation Concept’ 2. Long-term follow-up of endodontic microsurgical combined with orthograde retreatment of Oehler’s Type III Dens Invaginatus: a case report 3. Long-term follow-up of endodontic microsurgical combined with orthograde retreatment of Oehler’s Type III Dens Invaginatus: a case report
Prof. Mohammed Atteia Egypt Laser Diode: A Small Device with Great Endodontic Capabilities
Dr. Ala’a AlZubi Jordan Give it a chance: Rethinking Endodontic Treatment
Dr. Mohammad AlShammari Kuwait The revival of Endodontic Microsurgery in the implant era
Dr. Elham Elsayed United Arab Emirates Challenges During Endodontic Treatment of Autistic Patients
Dr. Hend Abou El Nasr United Arab Emirates Machine Learning Algorithms for Endodontic Applications: Image readers OR Mind readers
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Maged Egypt Endodontic Excellence: The success Roadmap
Dr. Mai Mahmoud Egypt Pulp Revitalization of Necrotic Mature Permanent Teeth “Evidence-based Insights & Clinical Perspectives”
Dr. Abdelkareem Qwasmi Egypt Dilemma of broken file
Dr. Maha Aboulkheir Egypt Vital Pulp Therapy in Permeant Teeth: Current Status and Future Perspective
Dr. Mohammed Aldawla Yemen Biologic master apical file size
Dr. Wael Sharawy Qatar Empowering Endodontic Practice Through Data-Driven Decisions
Dr. Mahmoud Abouel Naga Egypt Effect of Piezosurgery and Trephine bur Osteotomy Techniques on Bone Healing Following Guided Endodontic Microsurgery. A Clinical Study
Prof. Mohamed Rabie Egypt Cyclic Fatigue Resistance and Metallurgical Characteristics of Three Post-machining Heat Treated Reciprocating File Systems: An in-vitro study.
Dr. Inamdar Ahmed Kuwait Periapical Lesions Lased – Clinical Case Reports