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Congress Overview :

1. Introduction:
– Our Pan Arab Endodontic Congress will have a significant role in the field of Endodontics providing an opportunity for knowledge exchange, professional development, and networking.

2. Event Details:
– It will be held between the 2nd-4th of October, at the La Royal Hotel-Amman
– Renowned speakers, sponsors, and partners; we all come together to the success of this event.

3. Theme and Focus:
  – Fostering collaboration for unified prospects overarching our culture and the Endodontic industry. Extending the evidence-based knowledge of today to our patients to provide more focused root canal treatments projecting from all the emerging data and innovations in the field.

4. Agenda:

– Keynote sessions are on two consecutive days. Pre and post- congress workshops will be held. Poster Presentations will take place along with the congress.
– Social activities will include opening ceremony, the two days’ lunches of the congress, and our Gala dinner.
– Participants are encouraged to plan their attendance based on the agenda.

5. Networking Opportunities:

We encourage participants to connect with peers and experts in the field.